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{ International children’s language forum }
The camp in a continuous quest format
{ This summer at the sea in Anapa }
2 absolutely awesome programs
A huge asteroid is approaching our planet. It’s time to take drastic measures. Co-camp announces a set of the best for space travel.
You will have to:
- pass a program of space training for the mission;
- get trainings in the space simulator to be ready for the most difficult challenges;
- prove yourself in teamwork, and maybe it’s your team that will save our planet and get the Co-Camp 2024 winners’ Cup.
We are gathering a team to experience the most vivid emotions, gain valuable knowledge and skills, boost your English or get motivated to study. Are you with us?
The 3rd shift
The 4th shift
FORUM Co-Camp 2024
The main event of the summer 2024.
International Children’s Educational Forum of Language Centers Co-Camp 2024. The ASTEROID-themed quest competition among language schools will be held entirely in English, so we invite children from 12 to 17 years old and at least A2 language level to join the team.
It’s going to be really awesome.
{ With the immersive learning of English }
For children from 7 to 17 years old
The 3rd shift will start on the 16th of July and last for 2 weeks.
This is a simplified version of the ASTEROID program, which is suitable for children from 7 to 17 years old with zero or elementary knowledge of English. In addition to amazing emotions, new friends, knowledge and skills, your child will get motivated to learn English.
Dates: 16.07-29.07.2024 (14 days)
The cost of the trip: there are no places available
Age: 7 – 17 years old
Level of English: any
Dates: 31.07 – 20.08.2024 (21 days)
The cost of the trip: 109900 rubles
Age: 12-17 years old
Level of English: from A2 (Elementary)
Become a part of a brand-new format for children’s recreation. An exciting quest with immersion in the English language. We will have to solve the mystery of the dinosaurs’ extinction, revive the population in our village! Incredible excavations of fossils, walking with dinosaurs in VR, studying DNA, a business game and plenty of exciting events are waiting for you.
This summer will be crucial. Magnificent dinosaurs can reappear on our planet!
The 1st shift JURASSIC PARK
The 2nd shift JURASSIC PARK
Dates: 24.06 – 14.07.2024 (21 days)
The 1st shift is suitable for our youngest participants and those who are going to the camp for the first time, because the duration of 14 days will allow you to get motivation, new knowledge and skills, to get acquainted with the language camp in the quest format, while not missing your parents too much. The notional episodes of the program and the tasks are duplicated in Russian. Swimming in the pool alternates with the sea, while the sea is given priority when swimming for children is allowed.
The cost of the trip: 99900 rubles
Age: 7 – 17 years old
Dates: 8.06 – 21.06.2024 (14 days)
Level of English: any
The cost of the trip: 74 900 rubles.
The 2nd shift is suitable for those who are not sure of their knowledge of the English language. The notional episodes of the program and the tasks are duplicated in Russian, and the duration of 21 days is perceived by the child as a “whole little life” of a vivid unforgettable adventure. Within 3 weeks children receive significantly more motivation for the further education and positive transformations because children have time to build relationships from scratch, reveal their talents in the Co-Camp’s friendly atmosphere.
Age: 7 – 17 years old
Level of English: any
We make individuals films for children!
Often the summer camp is the most striking experience not only for the summer, but also for the whole year of childhood. We understand that we are not just doing a language camp but creating a piece of childhood. We want to capture the brightest moments so the professional Co-Camp team is ready to create an individual film for you and your child.
An individual film about a child in Co-Camp
3 open-air swimming pools
8 sports grounds and 4 halls for playing basketball, volleyball, football, tennis and ping pong
The territory of 4.5 hectares in the middle of a coniferous forest
Round-the-clock medical building with an isolation unit
Private small-pebble beach with sunshades and lifeguards
Venues for discos and evening events, cinema, bonfire
Swimming in the see or in the pool
Having a delicious breakfast
Cleaning the rooms
Waking up and doing morning exercises
Snack with fresh fruits
“Quiet time” to get energy
Lunch with a big range of hot dishes
Educational program/active games/ quests/ excursions
Tasty and healthy dinner
Educational program/sports competitions/themed events
Going to the beach or to the pool
Bedtime to get energy before new adventures in the camp
Evening snack and bedtime preparation
Having a candle-talk with friends to discuss the day we have lived and to plan the next one
Evening events/ concerts/ discos/ quizzes/ movies
Souvenir attributes (a T-shirt, a bottle, a cap, a bracelet)
A varied 5-course buffet meal
Accommodation in 3 / 4-bed rooms with in-room and on-block amenities
Daily professional photo and video shooting
Transfer from Anapa railway station and back
Professional talented teachers and native speakers
An energized animation team consisting of actors, musicians and athletes
A unique quest program in English
Medical care and security 24/7
Feedback from our parents
Elena Bashilova
Our Camp – is a whole life!!!
Wonderful! Interesting! Busy! Bright! Happy! Joyful!
That will leave a lot of Delightful Memories and waiting for new meetings!
You are the best!
Thank you so much for everything!!!
And see you soon!
Julia Nekhorosheva
The child is very happy))) next year she wants to go to Co camp))) this is the best estimate of a vacation)))) thank you))))
Thanks for 3 wonderful weeks!!! It was really cool, I'm thrilled!!I will come again next year
Tatiana Morozova
Thank you very much, my son was at Co-Camp for the second time. He liked everything a lot, Dasha is a great team leader and Azat is a mega energetic animator with whom and morning exercises and discos go really cool
Olga Lukianova
My son was at the camp for the first time, the adaptation was not easy, but thanks to Dina for her sensitivity and interest in each child. Thanks to the whole team for creating a great atmosphere and an interesting vacation program for the children
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